Announcing Social Media Camp San Diego on 2/12/2011

We are excited to announce that Social Media Club is organizing a Social Media Camp in San Diego for Saturday February 12, 2011 together with our newly reformed San Diego chapter and hosted by Sony Electronics.  Social Media Camp is a one day education and networking event for the local community of social media professionals [...]

Planning the Camp Session

So we are doing this camp portion a little differently, trying to optimize things a bit if you will… hopefully it wont go terribly terribly wrong Actually, I am quite sure it will be the opposite.  With limited space, limited time and limited resources, we are going to add some light structure to [...]

Dean Meyer’s Visual Note Taking from Social Media Camp

Dean Meyers took visual notes in the sessions that Chris Heuer and I led, and they are really excellent.

The topics have been set…

It was an active morning here at the Roger Smith hotel, where 120+ Social Media loving folks came together and plotted out their day of learning. With three rooms to gather in, we broke out the schedule to cover the following items:

Social Media 101 (10:15am) – Winthrop
Government Blogging and Twitter Advocacy (10:15am) – Starlight [...]

Marketing Through Social Media Session #smcamp #iwny

It seems obvious now that Social Media is more then marketing, but marketing has been the tip of the spear that has made it relevant to most organizations, and is indeed a key part of the growth Social Media has experienced (not taking anything away from the grass roots, personal nature of its original usage). [...]

Using Social Media for Job Searches Session #smcamp #iwny

We all know that unemployment, particularly in the U.S., is up.  We also know that Social Media is becoming an increasingly more important part of the hiring process, with employers using reputation searches through social sites as the basis for their hiring (and even firing) decisions.  This is the important of the personal branding we [...]

Social Media Tools, Services and Networks Session #SMCAMP #IWNY

In this session we will delve into the various types of software and services that are powering Social Media.  There are many different ways to think of Social Media, and most people think of it in its simplest terms, or rather the one’s that they are most familiar with.  But there is a wide variety [...]

Creating a Digital Identity Session #IWNY #SMCAMP

As social beings, we all have our personas, our reputations, our relationships and so much more that goes into creating are overall identity.  In order to be engaged in Social Media, it is important for us to properly craft a digital identity that figuratively and literally ‘puts our best foot forward’.  In this session we [...]

What is Social Media Session #IWNY #SMCAMP

In the opening of our Social Media 101 track being offered at Social Media Camp during InternetWeek New York, we will help people understand the larger issues behind the rise of Social Media, discuss the ways that people define it, its impact on organizations and important considerations when engaging with Social Media as an individual [...]

Social Media Camp #InternetWeek is Sold Out

We are really excited about this coming Thursday June 4, 2009 at the Roger Smith Hotel.  Especially now that we have reached our capacity.  Yesterday I had thought we could oversell a bit expecting some no-shows, but in talking with a few people, it doesn’t seem like that is going to be the case. So [...]