Social Media Camp

Speaker Spotlight: Jed Sundwall

Jed Sundwall is the president of Measured Voice. At Measured Voice, he has developed and managed new media strategies for,, PayPal, and Unilever.
A proud and committed San Diegan, he is also the founder of Open San Diego,  a group working to make data about San Diego freely available for anyone to use. Launched [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Kara DeFrias

With a passion for creating engaging user experiences, Kara
DeFrias is currently Senior UX Writer for TurboTax.
According to her 2nd grade report card, Kara “likes to talk.  A lot .”  Which makes sense that she’d take to social media, where she’s part of a team that proactively helps customers via @TeamTurboTax on Twitter (#makesherhappytohelp). In her role on [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Raj Manghani

Entrepreneur at heart, Youtuber and an avid internet enthusiast since the “interwebs” were created, Raj Manghani has always been excited about the very latest in technology.
He started his first personal website & blog named Rajdog’s Corner in 2000.  He has ridden the train of social media history, starting with Chat rooms & IM clients such [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Christine McDannell

Christine McDannell is Co-Owner & Managing Partner at Social Starfish, a full service Social Media Marketing Firm.
On May 1st of last year, Christine successfully sold a company called Cleanology, an eco-friendly house cleaning company that she meticulously nurtured and successfully built from the ground up in just six years. She started it for three figures [...]

Bigger and Better: Social Media Camp XL

First, thank you to everyone who have been  purchasing tickets as we worked on the back end planning of this conference. Your gesture of faith has been an inspiration to all of us as we worked to confirm important details for SMCSD. Now that we are ready to start showcasing the bigger and better event [...]

Announcing Social Media Camp San Diego on 2/12/2011

We are excited to announce that Social Media Club is organizing a Social Media Camp in San Diego for Saturday February 12, 2011 together with our newly reformed San Diego chapter and hosted by Sony Electronics.  Social Media Camp is a one day education and networking event for the local community of social media professionals [...]

Planning the Camp Session

So we are doing this camp portion a little differently, trying to optimize things a bit if you will… hopefully it wont go terribly terribly wrong Actually, I am quite sure it will be the opposite.  With limited space, limited time and limited resources, we are going to add some light structure to [...]

Dean Meyer’s Visual Note Taking from Social Media Camp

Dean Meyers took visual notes in the sessions that Chris Heuer and I led, and they are really excellent.

Some photos from Social Media Camp

Here are a few of the photos I took yesterday in between presenting and helping run Social Media Camp. Did you take photos? Please give us a link in the comments!

HowardGr’s Social Media Camp, June 4 2009 photoset

UPDATE: Pictures from Jay Bryant.

The topics have been set…

It was an active morning here at the Roger Smith hotel, where 120+ Social Media loving folks came together and plotted out their day of learning. With three rooms to gather in, we broke out the schedule to cover the following items:

Social Media 101 (10:15am) – Winthrop
Government Blogging and Twitter Advocacy (10:15am) – Starlight [...]