Social Media Camp

Staff Spotlight: Richie Edquid

Richie Edquid is best known for invading subcultures and exploiting their memes.  In his quest to find what’s next he is always next level.
Richie Edquid is a San Diego native who first entered into the events industry by heading local area promotions for an import car enthusiast website, while still in high school. Taking this [...]

The Social Media Camp San Diego Schedule is up

Social Media Camp Schedule is in PDF format -
First Half of Camp 9am-2pm
Second Half of Camp 2:15pm-5pm
After camp join us for the Social Media Camp After Party Happy Hour at URGE Gastropub from 5:30-7:30 pm. The first fifty people rsvp’d will get their first beer on

Panel Spotlight: Calvin Lee, Alana Joy, Garick Chan, Jonathan Nafarrete, Sven Johnston, Paul Meyers, Mike Prasad, Sukhjit

Calvin Lee is a self-Proclaimed Media Ho and Design Guy; Tech, Social Media and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan or Guy Kawasaki
Calvin is the Principal and Creative Director of Mayhem Studios. A small award-winning design [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Sukhjit

Sukhjit (it’s pronounced sook-jeet) is a video blogger and joined Sony Electronics as their social media evangelist in September 2009. She’s worked as a producer and writer at television networks like Travel Channel, HGTV and the Fine Living Network but her gadget and innovation obsession actually started along with her career [...]

Panel Spotlight: Sugar Jones, Aaron Heier, Sondra Drahos, Downtown Rob, Kara DeFrias

Sugar Jones is a dreamer, writer, mom, and traveler. She loves life… even when it’s not so fabulous. She hates to repeat herself because life is just too damn short to be talking to people who don’t listen. Always a cheerleader for living out loud, she hopes to encourage others through her blog and various on-line bull [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Chris Husong

Chris Husong is an expert in the field of Social Networking and Online
Marketing. As a media strategist and business advisor to Large Brands, TV shows,
Sports teams ,speakers and authors, Chris has over
two decades of sales and technology experience. When he served as an
enterprise account manager at Sprint, Chris was directly involved with
the launch of their original wireless [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Denise Scatena and Arika Daniels

Denise Scatena
As founding partner of Scatena Daniels Communications, Denise has extensive experience creating and implementing effective public relations strategies to achieve successful results for various types of organizations. With more than 15 years of experience working in the communications industry, she has seen how news and information consumption as evolved, which has provided immense challenge [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Downtown Rob

Rob is a serial entrepreneur and technology early adopter, with social media being no exception. He owns a web development company, Web Wizards, and is also involved in business development at Fandom Marketing, a social media marketing company, with his latest venture being MingleStream, a live social stream display for events and venues.
He has previously spoken [...]

Key Note Speaker Spotlight: Becky Carroll

Becky Carroll is president and founder of Petra Consulting Group. The San Diego based management consultancy is focused on growing businesses through customer conversation, social media, and the customer experience. Becky founded the company on the firm belief that the best way to achieve organic growth is to successfully build on a rock-solid customer base. [...]

Speaker Spotlight: Steve Eisenberg

Steve Eisenberg brings together nearly two decades of experience in the
diverse fields of technology, marketing and education. His roles have included
web marketing strategist, web developer and designer, niche publisher, small
business adviser, instructional designer and college instructor.
Prior to founding Angecom Media Group, Mr. Eisenberg held positions at several
large organizations, including AT&T, the County of San Diego [...]