Speaker Spotlight: Chris Husong

Chris Husong is an expert in the field of Social Networking and Online
As a media strategist and business advisor to Large Brands, TV shows,

Sports teams ,speakers and authors, Chris has over
two decades of sales and technology experience. When he served as an
enterprise account manager at Sprint, Chris was directly involved with
the launch of their original wireless campaign in California.  He
served as a technical consultant to Worldcom when their new Black Berry
devise was just a monochrome pager and when Sandisk was developing
their fledgling line of memory peripherals, Chris was the expert.  He
was the expert then and he has remained vital to this industry to this

Chris has been involved in telecommunications since before there was
an internet. As a young teen, he split his free time between his
duties as a varsity football player and writing processing code for
his TI 99/4A home computer. At 16, when he was given the opportunity
to move to Europe, Chris spent the next four years in a constant state
of culture shock.  By learning how to drive in Germany, how to ski on
a glacier in Switzerland, and how to barter with locals in the markets
of Tunisia, he began to understand that it is not language that binds
or separates us. Communication is both dynamic and constant and social
mediums like networking sites are the new trusted confidants that
essentially and daily, balance the intimate with the infinite.

With this understanding, Chris has become a much sought after social
media strategist. He understands the importance of reputation when
building new communities and can explain the process of humanizing a
brand.  Chris brings to San Diego and Social Media Camp over 20 years of innovative,
social media networking resource experience and his online engagement
plans offer his clients the tools they need to close the gap between
the product and the consumer.

Chris Husong will be the MC for Social Media Camp San Diego

Social Media Camp: San Diego is April 30th from 9am-5pm at Sony Electronics. You can purchase your tickets at our EventBrite Page.

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Can’t wait to hear you speak, Chris!

Thanks Sugar, there are so many great speakers I hope to see them all :)

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