Speaker Spotlight: Raj Manghani

Entrepreneur at heart, Youtuber and an avid internet enthusiast since the “interwebs” were created, Raj Manghani has always been excited about the very latest in technology.

He started his first personal website & blog named Rajdog’s Corner in 2000.  He has ridden the train of social media history, starting with Chat rooms & IM clients such as Yahoo & AOL Instant Messenger, and more recently with the full fledged social media sites like Friendster, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook.

In early 2007, Raj discovered the real-time streaming video website, Justin.tv.  This lead him to start his own real-time show eRaj 24/7, alongside iJustine, Justin, Krystyl and Jspin.  The show consisted of a camera following Raj where ever he went; running his business at the office, road trips, nights out, and simply hanging out at his house.  This video phenomena became to be known as “lifecasting”.

Raj now owns and runs a successful non-profit organization named Universal Relief Advocacy Organization.   URAO assists distressed homeowners with alternatives to Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, allowing them to retain their homes.  He also owns a thriving marketing company named Organic Networks LLC.  OrgNet sources clients for Attorneys in the field or Real Estate Law.

Raj’s third and most exciting venture is named OMG Raj Productions :-) , LLC.  On this project, Raj has been working together with former MTV producer, Dominic Valiente, producing a reality television show.  In the process, Raj has developed a forward view on how the network & cable TV industry might look in the next few years.  His strategic plan for OMG Raj is, to build a globally available production company, leveraging the internet medium for its delivery.

Raj will be presenting the following session:

“Internet Is Winning”
Join entrepreneur and YouTuber, Raj Manghani, in a philosophical and forward thinking discussion on how social media and the Internet has changed print & music media and the radical changes that have yet to come in the cable and network TV industry.

You can follow Raj at (@eRaj) on Twitter.

Social Media Camp: San Diego is April 30th from 9am-5pm at Sony Electronics. You can purchase your tickets at our EventBrite Page.

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