Planning the Camp Session

So we are doing this camp portion a little differently, trying to optimize things a bit if you will… hopefully it wont go terribly terribly wrong :) Actually, I am quite sure it will be the opposite.  With limited space, limited time and limited resources, we are going to add some light structure to the camp planning and not do it in the traditional open space format.  Instead, here is generally how it will go down.

  1. You get index card at registration.
  2. You write out title session, name. If you want to add more detail on back, please do so as it will help us (on back though please)
  3. You give it to a volunteer before 950am (has a xxxx stripe on their badge)
  4. At 10am, we will present the best sessions to a roll call of interest – ie, we will read them aloud and do a voice vote to judge interest and to discuss whether or not it will require a projector (1 room has a projector, the other doesnt – this is on purpose)
  5. Using feedback from everyone, and direct discussion with those people proposing sesstions that have interest (or if we choose, one that has great significance even if its not popular), we will work out and post the schedule, here online as well as in the room on the wall.
  6. We will hopefully be on time to start at 1030am for our first sessions

Am sure we will get a lot of feedback on this, but want to try it regardless.  We need to experiment a little more and try to improve on things.

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