Using Social Media for Job Searches Session #smcamp #iwny

We all know that unemployment, particularly in the U.S., is up.  We also know that Social Media is becoming an increasingly more important part of the hiring process, with employers using reputation searches through social sites as the basis for their hiring (and even firing) decisions.  This is the important of the personal branding we discuss earlier in the day.  During this session, we will discuss the most important aspect of how we represent ourselves for job searches, how employers are using the tools to review candidates and how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd and find the job of your dreams.

We will start with this presentation:

All of these sessions will be organized using currently available materials that are online, so we encourage you to add any important comments below in addition to any links to other resources you think will help people understand this topic. This session will take place at 200pm on Thursday June 4, 2009.

Some of the resources we have lined up for this session include:

Do you have more you can share with us?

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I didn’t have a chance to mention it, but for those searching for work all of the Staples locations are offering 40 free business cards. They’re also offering copies of your resume too.

The offer ends June 13th, so go get your cards!

Here is the link:

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