Creating a Digital Identity Session #IWNY #SMCAMP

As social beings, we all have our personas, our reputations, our relationships and so much more that goes into creating are overall identity.  In order to be engaged in Social Media, it is important for us to properly craft a digital identity that figuratively and literally ‘puts our best foot forward’.  In this session we will discuss the brand called you, creating a ‘homebase’ for your content, the power of participation and much more.

All of these sessions will be organized using currently available materials that are online, so we encourage you to add any important comments below in addition to any links to other resources you think will help people understand this topic. This session will take place at 1115am on Thursday June 4, 2009.

The primary basis for this session will be this Personal Branding presentation:


Some of the resources we have lined up for this session include:

Do you have more you can share with us?

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