Social Media Camp Schedule for June 4, 2009 #internetweekny

Social Media Camp

We will be starting next Thursday June 4, 2009 at 9am at the Roger Smith Hotel.  We have a few rooms available and will be mostly running Social Media Camp in a traditional Open Space / BarCamp format, with one additional ‘introductory’ track intended for people looking to learn the social media basics for use in their job search, for use in their marketing efforts and for generally joining the conversation about how to use social media for their organization.

For those of you unfamiliar with Open Space and BarCamp, the premise is that the majority of the day’s agenda / schedule will be created by participants, the morning of the ‘camp’.  We will be taking time in the morning, from 930am until about 1015am to introduce ourselves to each other and to discuss the topics that will fill our day together.  If you have something you would like to teach or something you would like to learn, you can add it in the comments below on this post.  We will be collecting them and also adding them to the wiki and/or you can add them there yourself if you would like.

Social Media Camp Schedule

We are still looking for people to help lead the creation of the Social Media 101 Curriculum we are also offering at this Social Media Camp.  We will be shooting video of these sessions especially to make available to the SBA and other local New York focused government and non-profit organizations to help more people learn the key insights for applying social media tools effectively to help their small business, to help them find jobs through new job skills and pretty much anyone who wants to figure out what this social media discussion is all about.

Our Social Media 101 Track, which will be happening in addition to the many sessions being offered by leading Social Media Professionals will include sessions on

Given that the educational sessions we will be offering are similar to what we would normally put together in a $300+ workshop, we hope to see a bunch of people jumping into social media through Social Media Camp, which only costs $25 to attend.  Please register today so we now how many lunch’s, t-shirts etc… we need to secure.  Better still, if you have a friend who needs to learn the basics of Social Media, send them this link and have them join us for this great day of social media sessions.

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I’d like to stop by, but cannot stay the entire day. I’m happy to pay the $25. Will you accept walk-ins?

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