A Social Media Camp Logo

Social Media Camp Logo

Social Media Camp Logo

Wondering what you think about this draft of the Social Media Camp logo and the back of the t-shirt with the current list of sponsors as of this morning. Thoughts?

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Great logo – captures the essence of “camp” perfectly. Makes me want to go jump into the lake right now! Tell me that we’re not going to be making lanyards or wallets. But as long as we’re telling social media ghost stories by the campfire, my time at camp will be fine. Nicely done.

I like it. The old school hiking sign makes it for me

give the sign a pair of legs. that’s much more typical of a real summer camp, and would look a whole lot less like a makeshift grave marker.

I like the theme of summer camp great idea! I think it may be a little bit more successful if the sponsors where also boards on the sign and then use SOCIAL MEDIA CAMP in a larger font above the sign or as a smaller sign stuck in the ground. Great concept and direction!

If you are printing this all on one side I am not real crazy about it. It just looks too busy and out of balance. There is some free clip art at http://www.clipart.com/ if you search or the key words summer camp (with a space) you may see something inspiring. Perhaps I am being to critical as a summer camp director who has to design shirts every summer. have you ever used 99designs? I have had great success with their labor.

good luck!

Jennifer H. Selke, Ph.D.

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